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By Katherine37

Anna was an amazingly beautiful person, inside and out. She had a lot of friend who were great, and all of the teachers favoured her because of her outstanding personality and great grades.

Until one day she didnt show up for school and the next day and the next. No one could understand what had happened, but the knew that it couldn't be good.

A few days earlier...

I don't know what started the fight I just knew that it was happening real and right now and that this was not a dream. People started to gather around as our fight grew louder and louder. We yelled back and forth until I was so scared of him I couldnt talk anymore, it happened when he came really close to me so close I could smell the axe that he so obviously wore. I Also noticed the snake tatoo on his neck. I though that he was going to hit me when he just turned and left.

A few days later...

The teacher walked in tue room with a grim look on her face. All of the students instantly quieted down because they knew the new that they were about to receive was not going to be good.

"you all remember Anna," the teacher said still holding onto the grim expression.
" ya what about her," one of the guys asked?
" well she went missing the day that she didn't come to school," the teacher said.
Everyone had stunned looks as if they couldn't believe that this had happened.

The day of the kidnapping...

I had a feeling the I was being followed, then I saw him it was "him" hallway fight guy. He I saw it, it was a big black SUV and it was coming for me. I started to run, I ran around corner after corner after corner trying to get away. Then I tripped an the SUV was there in seconds. Two big guys opened the door and jumped out, grabbed me, threw me in the waiting car, two other guys tied me up while the other two got in closed the door and went back to pick "him" up.

I tried to struggle and get out of the ropes but they were too tight and they all just laughed (except him) so I gave up and they stopped laughing.

I was put in a room that was all cement with a little barred window and door. "he" who I later found out his name was Adam brought me food, every time he could say, without some one hearing him, that he was going to get me out of here and that he was really sorry that he got me into this.

To be continued... I promise it will be!

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4 Nov, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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