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Wrong love (korean drama)

Wrong love (korean drama)

By sweetmoon

Mary shein was born in korea and right on her birthday is when she fell in love with her own ghost. She was very beautiful and everyone at school loved her but she fell in love with another girl which made things bad for her. The name of the person she fell in love was rose kim and she was not pretty but she was adorable.

Mary was only 18 years old and rose was 13 years old. The young two girls became close and as time pass they started dating. september 14 rose die in a car accident when going to mary's house. Mary was in such deep pain that she lost her beauty.

One rainny night rose stood at the door room, mary felt it but she could not see her. A breath was felt in mary's neck that night as she sleep. When she woke up right at 1 am she saw rose standing next to her. Mary yell in panic but rose just smile at her "suprise hunny!" rose still look the same "But...But your dead!" mary said looking straight at rose. "said who? look i didnt came back so you could just yell at me, i came back because their will be war on earth and the gods had send me to protect you" rose walk closer to mary "but..why me? why not someone else?" mary could not believe on rose words. Rose slowly went up to mary started kissing her. Their lips close with each other as mary heart beat even faster and faster as they both fell in the bed. "your not real, this is only a dream" mary said as they kept making love.

Next morning when mary woke up, rose was not their anymore.....(to be continue)(please like it if you wish me to continue!!)

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20 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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