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A Desire
A Desire

A Desire


Oh, how I would love to write something beautiful, as beautiful as the things I see all around me.

In my mind there are stars, bright, dazzling, and yet so soft. I can see them, feel each one twinkling, dancing, shining, lighting the spaces between everything. My breath catches as I see them twirl, and yet I cannot write them.

There is a great wonder to be found in the falling snow. Each flake is so intricate and perfect, elegant as it drifts through the air. If I stand still and listen with breathless awe, I can almost hear them singing, a melody faint and fair, yet one I can’t be sure I really hear. I could watch for hours as they waltz across the sky, observe every spiraling footstep, and still never learn to dance as they can.

I feel a song in my heart, just beyond my hearing, but so rich and full I can sense it vibrating just beneath my collarbone. Every heartbeat sends a rhythm pulsing through me as the air I breathe fills with color. Notes spread their wings and soar, turning my gaze to the sky, grounding me to the earth, coursing beneath my skin like a river. Yet no matter how I hum, I can never sing the right one.

In the sunsets I see hope, rich and vivid as rubies against sand. When I close my eyes, I can feel it kissing my skin, and smell the sweetness of its promises, like rain and night, sage and earth. I can feel in my ribs the colors of the sky, heralds of the coming night, criers of the assurance of dawn. But no matter how I try, I cannot paint the color of that sky.

How I wish I could write all of the beauty I see. If only I knew how to capture its essence and turn it into a new kind of beautiful thing, swirling ink against a blank page. Perhaps one day I’ll discover that art, but for now, I’ll do all I know I can:

I’ll try.

Author Notes: One of the first things I've created in a while. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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25 Mar, 2021
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