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By terrixrawr - 1 Review

There was a girl named Emma, Emma Jewel, a little fourth grader moving into fourth grade to a new school. A girl her age you'd think she'd be all shy and never talk, oh no, she wasn't shy. She was a loud, crazy, hyper, and sweet girl somewhat nervous. Emma Jewel had long blonde hair that was kinda brownish a bit, light blonde highlights(Side bang look), beautiful blue eyes, and an average body. As Emma got escorted to her classroom, room 18, she was prepared. Once she got there, she didn't pay attention to any of the students, just kinda did her own thing. The first day or two was kinda boring, until the week afterwards. A boy started talking to her, a tall ten year old boy who was half black, half white, and adorable with his cheeks. His name was David. David and Emma were talking for quite awhile and then they started poking each other often, they got in trouble once for it and the teacher thought they liked each other. Emma didn't know if he liked her, she knew she didn't like him. They were just close friends is all. When that year ended in the first week of June, she forgot about him a bit and just continued life the way she did. Sad, thinking about why the past happened, and such. Then the fifth grade year came up and that was just a lot for her to handle because of what was happening all through out the year. Emma liked David that year, and he found out because she kept acting differently. After two months of her liking him he asked her out and they went out for 3 weeks : On a messaging website, they talked to each other and he admitted that he NEVER liked her, he only went out with her because she never had a boyfriend. Emma cried that night, hating him so much. Emma was torn into a million pieces. After a long time they became best friends again, that time, she told him EVERYTHING also promising to god she'd never like him more than a friend ever again. He told her somewhat of everything. Until, drama started coming their way again. David's second best friend, Carly, took Emma's place. Or so Emma thought. Emma was really mad at Carly and David, David knew that Emma was the only person he could talk too about her life and problems and the things she needed to get off her chest. David stopped talking to her, and David NEVER talked to Emma in school ever, every time Emma tried she'd get ignored or told to go tell him on the online messenger, but how could you tell someone something that you really needed to say online? Emma thought it meant nothing that way. He was an idiot for not talking to her anymore, she wanted to just pick up a knife and kill herself, but she knew she could not do that. David never really gave a crap, he was changing into someone bad, rude, and just not the way he was. Emma still has no one to tell her feelings too, she never liked anyone as much as she did David, and she even liked him after him treating her like crap. She doesn't know why. But Emma, is a beautiful soul, why did he do this to her? .. They never spoke after the 5th grade. Emma still feels overwhelmed by her feelings and thoughts going through her head, she'll find someone one day.. oh yes she will. God bless her.

The end.

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17 Apr, 2011
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3 mins
5.0 (1 review)

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