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You are beautiful

You are beautiful

By reachamongthestars

There's self esteem and then there's body image and all the litttle factors in between these two that add up and cause more problems in our lives.
In today's society we are almost convinced that we do not have the "perfect" hips or legs. Women are portrayed as thin and sexy and really, the silly clothes they advertise in those fashion magazines and shit, are they just there to make us feel even more guilty about ourselves?
High self esteem is something that is lacked by many. Especially teenage girls. It is crucial for our functioning and interactiveness with the people around us. I cannot begin to point out all the factors that may cause someone to believe that they are either stupid, ugly, fat or just not good enough.
Your family is suppose to be one of the most encouraging of all people. But if you are out there, reading this and thinking, I cop nothing but abuse from those bitches, I am tellign you right now that that may be a problem to why you have lost hope and belief in yourself.
Anyone can reach their full potential. But really, in today's society, especially with the clear divisions between race, age, class and gender, this is much much much easier said than done.
Look at it this way. There is a student in say... a country like America, she's got all the necessary equipment and learning in order to secure a good job. And then there is another student, who works twice as hard as the student mentioned above. The difference? Well for one, the second student has to work to pay for her education and if she loses her job, well tough luck, her education is put to an end.
I have recently talked to someone who was mightily confused about what step she should take. Her main focus was work and a brighter, more successful future, however, the poor economic factors of her country prevents her and still continues to prevent her from becoming a top student. She has nothing but one wish- to move away from this country and earn money elsewhere.
When I heard of her situation, I was shocked to discover that not only were her parents not supportive of her, but they had instead called her an idiot. It takes a LOT of determination from one person to try to continue on this dangerous path. She had difficulty speaking english but she told me of her critical situation.
It became clear that she is just one of the many females out there, who have poor confidence in themselves and don't trust themselves.
It's sad to see how many young people are going on fad diets that don't even work to try and reduce their weight. It won't work and never will. Until we stop judging people on their appearances and other factors, the world will always be an unbalanced place.

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16 Jun, 2011
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2 mins
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