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You Are Missed
You Are Missed

You Are Missed

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He was 11 when his mom died. His parents were divoced so he didnt see her alot. He went to see her every other weekend. She died of an overdose on a moday. He had been with her that weekend. He was not suprised when he got the phone call saying she was gone. He misses her a lot. Sometimes he messages her phone saying how much he loves and misses her. He had a girlfriend that was ungratful for the stuff that she had. She was always fighting with her mother. One day he had heard enough about how she felt about her mother and he told her he needs to appreciate the fact that at least she had one.later that week they broke up. They desided to stay friends. They came to each other for advice all the time. Mostly she came to him though. He is an amazing friend and was a great boyfriend. Sometimes she wishes she didn't screw things up with him. She was lucky to have a guy like that in her life. He continues to talk and hang out with her. They always find a way to make one another laugh. There are times he talks to her about his mom he says she misses her. There have been times he said he wanted to die just to see her and be with her again. he got a new girl friend they were together for a little while.

Author Notes: R.I.P June 17 2019

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1 Oct, 2020
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