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You Are Your Father's Daughter (Chapter 1: Back To School)

You Are Your Father's Daughter (Chapter 1: Back To School)

By Roxsey123

Everyone always says that a father is their daughter's first love, and that every girl wants to marry someone just like their dad. In my case, he wasn't my first love and I don't want to marry someone like him... if anything I want to marry someone who is the complete opposite of him. You see, my dad was an alcoholic was I was kid. We use to be very close, but he lost me in a custody battle and my mom and stepdad won, that happened when I was three. But I want to tell my story how I remember it.
I was the new kid at school and it was the middle of the year. Luckily I move from the town next to where I live now. This place was the complete opposite of my hometown. My hometown, Windbrook, was a peaceful town. Everyone was kind and everyone was so accepting. This town, Buckner, was a poor city, and everywhere you looked someone was either drinking or smoking. I'm pretty sure most kids in my grade were already having sex and I was in eighth at the time. No one really was classified as a "good" kid in Buckner. I was probably the most normal one. 
I remember walking into the school on my first day at the school. The principle was sitting at his desk along with a couple other administrators who worked there. His office was small, with sky blue walls and a beige desk. In the far corner of the room were two teachers. One a female, tall, blonde and frizzy hair with blue eyes. She was around forty. The other, male, short with dark hair and a beard and brown eyes. The beard wasn't like what men usually do in the winter, if anything it made him look even younger. He couldn't have been anymore than thirty-five. Both of them didn't look like they liked each other, they looked annoyed.
They both starred at me as I entered the room, smiling and waving. I tucked my sweatshirt underneath me as I sat down. My mom followed me into the room. My mom glared at both the teachers as if she was mad at them. I could totally understand that, we both hated that school. We just didn't have a choice, my mom and stepdad had just split up about a month before everything. The only reason I call him stepdad is because my mom and him had two kids together and I looked a lot like him. My mom was around forty-five with short, brown curly hair, pale and had glasses with green eyes, she was also tall. I, on the other hand, was a short, tan girl with brown hair and I was fit skinny. I didn't have a definite eye color. My eyes were alternate between blue, green, blue-green, grey, all those colors with yellow, and it would have an occasional hazel look. I had a neckless around my neck that my dad gave to me when I was a kid. It said of the front "Little Girl" 
My mom took a sip from coffee she got from the store. I was just sitting there, twiddling my thumbs. An awkward silence filled the room. Finally someone spoke. "Hi, I am Mr. Chase!" 
I looked up and it was the male teacher. "And I am Ms. Hower." said the other one.
"I will be your homeroom, english and social studies teacher." Mr. Chase added "She will be your math, science, and study hall teacher." He pointed to Ms. Hower with a little smile. She returned the smile. 
Mr. Chase handed me my schedule and shook my hand. I looked up and smiled as we shook out hand. My mom and Mr. Chase did the same thing. Mr. Hower didn't though. I don't think she liked me very much. 
Mr. Chase looked back at me "So, do you wanna see where everything is?" I nodded. 
We all went up the stairs to the third floor as my mom left. I was already missing my mom. My homeroom and first period class was right at the top of the stairs across the hall. Mr. Chase opened the door and motion me to go in. Every kid in that room looked up at me. A sudden feeling of being scared rose over me, I was scared . I didn't know anybody and all the kids that I did know, were on different teams. I sat down at the very back of the room and put my stuff down beside my desk. All eyes were still on me, and Mr. Chase handed me my locker number and lock combination. I went out into the hallway and my locker was right there. I put my stuff in and locked it. I walked back into the room and sat back down. Mr. Chase stood over by me for a few seconds and sat down next to me. 
"You are going to be fine, everyone will like you." He said. I didn't believe him but nodded any way. I looked at him and something caught my eye. It was a neckless that said "Daddy's". I didn't say anything, just looked. I don't think he noticed I was looking either. He just smiled and walked off. 

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3 May, 2014
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4 mins
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