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You better belive it!

You better belive it!

By earth4ever

"It's true!"Randy insisted."I swear!"
"No it isn't!"Greg said.He flipped his black hair,mocking his friend.
"Fine,if you don't think it's real,I dare you to spend the night here!"Randy dared the Too-Cool boy.
"O.K.Then,I will."He said.The bell rang and the two boys shuffled to class.

That night,Greg walked into the school.
"This place is even more depressing..."Greg was immediantly interrupted by a loud yell.
Greg felt his heartbeat in his chest.He ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.
"Randy,this isn't cool,"No one answered.
An ugly,disfigured face creeped into the mirror.A cold hand grabbed Gregs back.He couldn't move.Nails gripped his stripped shirt.They ripped into the flesh,and grabbed a piece out,and all Greg could do was watch the monster eat him.He didn't even dare flinch in pain.
The ghost grabbed the boys head,and in the flick of a wrist,broke the kids neck.Greg's blue eyes flinched in pain.
Greg dropped to the ground in a bloody mass.
"You'll be perfect for tommows stew ."

"I wondern where Greg is?"Randy said as he took a bite of the stew.
He reached in his mouth and pulled out a blue eye."OH MY GOD!"Randy yelled,throwing the eye.
"I think he's closer than ya think."snickered the lunch lady.

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About This Story
30 Apr, 2010
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1 min
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