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You can let go now

You can let go now

By lillith123 - 1 Review

Jenny was born to two wonderful parents, she was her daddy's little girl and meant everything to her. Jenny's mother died in the hospital 3 months after she was born. While Jenny grew up Her daddy kept a close eye on her. She was his and she meant everything to him. As the years went by Jenny learned to ride her bike and as she rode down the side walk with her daddy holding onto the seat Jenny yelled "You can let go now daddy i can do this on my own it's gunna be scarey but i can do it!" Years went by and Jenny was standing at the alter, her daddy holding on to her arm when the preacher asked who gives this woman, her daddy's eyes filled with tears, but Jenny leaned over and whispered in her daddy's ear" You can let go now daddy, i can do this on my own it's gunna be scarey but i can do it" Years went bye and as Jenny sat and looked at her daddy lying in his hospital bed, she crawled in beside him and with tears running down her face she whispered "You can let go now daddy, your little girl is ready to do this on her own, i know it's gunna be scarey but it's time for you to let go now daddy," As Jenny lied there in her daddy's hospital bed she felt his hand on her's. "I know i'm ready to let go, but i'm not scared to do this on my own, it does feel a little bit scarey but i know your mothers waiting so i wont be alone." Jenny cried for the many years she has grown up with the strongest daddy on earth he had raised his little girl all alone, but he will be ok now, cause he wont ever let go.

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6 Aug, 2011
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1 min
5.0 (1 review)

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