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You cretin! I don't think your alive but I want you to be dead!

You cretin! I don't think your alive but I want you to be dead!

By Eminem123

I was 17 years old while my mother was abusing me. But not my father. I just wanted run away to them. Still, I go to class. When I tripped and some of them laughs at me. I run away and they followed. I lock the door. Just crying on the mirror. When I saw the window. Open up there. I opened the door and quickly ran out to the school. I I got to the woods. I just sat to log. I was crying for running away. When I saw a house. A very big house. Was ahead. I came inside.. While I stomp a knife. I picked up the knife. I came inside. Just sitting there. On the wall. When someone opened the door.

Me: Who are you?

Her: Are you Kaycee?

Me: Yes. Go away.

Her: Why?

Me: Something will happen.

Her: What will happen?

I stabbed her in the back. Dead. And I continue sitting there. No rest. No eat. Much blood. Tears falls on my eyes. When again someone opened the door. My friend. Laika.

Laika: Hello? Kay Kay?

Me: Die!

I stabbed her again. Then the police opens the door. I stabbed them all on the heart when they opened the door. I looked on the window. I jump off the window. With lots of blood. I run as fast as I can. I met a killer who was staring me.

Killer: You are Kaycee? Right?

Me: Yes...

Killer: Join me killin does monstrosity.

I nodded. When we walk from the woods. I found my mother trying to abuse an kill me.

Mother: What the hell are you doing?

Me: Ask yourself.

Mother: You come back to me immediately! Young lady!

Me: No!

Mother: Harrupmh! I'll catch you! Naught girl!

I found a gun and grabbed it and.....

Me: BANG!!

I hit her in the head. I grabbed her heart and get away. I did found lots of people. Including the police. I stabbed them and....


I was so wrong. But without my friend. I didn't know he may be my brother. So I joined him to go away and fly to California. Where people doesnt betray me.

This is not a true story. I made it with my name on it. I made this to make me feel happy if I am sad. But Thanks for Reading the story. I appreciate it. Please Rate.

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13 Jul, 2011

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