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You dont love me

You dont love me

By Jaggergum

One day i walked to school. My name is lizzy by the way and i have long wispy brown hair that falls down to my waist. When i got into class this really hot guy that sits next to me passed me a note. I opened it and it said 'I love you L', Well my name begins with Land i thought this note was to me. He stared at me and told me to pass it on to Libby. I walked up to him at playtime and told him i loved him. He said 'Seriously, your a freak with long hair. Fuck you, you deserve to be in a cage' and when i got home i cried...I walked into the bathroom and cut myself all over, i ran a bath and let the water absorb into my body and i drowned myself. My mother got home from work and walked into my house and shouted ' lizzy are you here?' she came into the bathroom and found me in the bath, dead. On the window she saw i wrote with my 99% lipstick 'Am i still a freak with long hair?'

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30 Jan, 2012
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