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You Give Rock A Bad Name
You Give Rock A Bad Name

You Give Rock A Bad Name

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Okay, let's be clear here. From the 50s through the 90s, Rock was alive and kicking. Then this thing called, “Grunge” came along. Most people think Grunge killed Rock, but it didn’t. Some people think Hip-Hop killed Rock, but it wasn’t that either. So, what murdered Rock? Honestly, if you think Rock was killed by an influence in the 90’s, you are wrong. In the 90s, Rock actually made a slow, but steady comeback even though groups like Coldplay and Nickleback came into the picture. Wayne Smart, a 90’s European Melodic Rock group, helped Rock stay on its feet. Although it wasn’t enough to help it come back as a power house like in the 50s and 60s, it still did very well health wise. So in this protesting idea, we will learn what killed Rock and how groups ruined Rock.

Let’s start with the 90s where Coldplay gave Rock a bad rap. Again, let’s be clear here, Coldplay is NOT Rock. They are mainly influenced by groups that don’t generalize with instruments such as Bass Drums or Bass Guitar. Rock on the other hand does. With groups like Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, they all focus around the idea of having a Bass with both drums and guitar. If you compare these two songs, “Something Just Like This”- Coldplay (I actually listened to it and made it through somehow) and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”- The Rolling Stones, you hear the biggest difference ever. The Stones (The Rolling Stones for those of you out there who don’t know real Rock lingo) are centralized by that familiar base line with the drums and guitar. Coldplay, have the bass, but it barely penetrates between the hammer and the anvil (part of your ear if you didn’t realize, also a great song by Judas Priest). Coldplay focuses on just a vocal rhythm with the wimpy, Doo-doo-doos, in the song. I know that music evolves and changes over time, but some things you don’t change. (This goes way off topic, but proves my point) Look at pizza. Look at how it is made and baked and served. Now look at pizza rolls. Look at how they are made and baked and served. If people were to choose between the two, most people would choose the pizza pie over the rolls, and usually people say because it is a traditional pizza, with pride put into it compared to something you just put in an easy bake oven and call it good. I hope you get what I am saying. If not, if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Although it made Rock take a step back, it didn’t kill it.

Now let's go way into the future with One Direction. Again, let’s be clear, One Direction is not Rock. Just like up above, One Direction focuses on other genre influences compared to Rock’s drum and guitar bass. I don’t know any One Direction song that has a strong bass line in it anywhere. Hell, let’s be honest. One Direction sucks. Why are they even labeled as “Rock”? They are a pop group and everyone knows that. It must be a European thing or something, because that is just horrifying calling them, “Rock”. Nothing about them is Rock. People don’t understand music, especially Rock music if they just say if there’s an electric guitar in it, it’s Rock. Well first, they got to actually play the guitar, not fake it Dan Richards. Second, just because there is an electric guitar, doesn’t mean that it is Rock. Look at Pop groups like Britney Spears, Pink, Jonas Brothers, they all have electric guitars, so does that make them Rock? No. This insanity of being posers and calling themselves, “Rock” is terrifying. Every true Rocker and Metalhead out there are grouping together and protesting it in schools, malls, libraries, the streets, even churches. That is how much the public hates it in the Rock and Metal industry.

To name a few groups who are posers in the Rock genre are, One Direction, Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, The Jonas Brothers, Coldplay, Nickleback, Maroon 5, 5 SOS, and more, they are not Rock.
Some groups that are true Rock artists are, Greta Van Fleet, H.E.A.T, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, and more who actually are and belong to Rock.

Besides, Rock is supposed to be something unique and true to themselves and the audience. Not something that is computer generated making them have a “clean” voice or perfect sound. Rock is supposed to be raw and passionate and if someone doesn’t like that, well they don’t appreciate music that much then.

(This inspired me to write a Clerihew about Maroon 5 member, Adam Levine.)

Adam Levine,
intelligence not so keen.
You say rock music is dead and through
But don’t recall Skid Rows, “I Remember You”.

(If you don't understand, look up, "Adam Levine and Corey Taylor" along with, "Adam Levine and Sebastian Bach")

Author Notes: Please rank and comment on this and protest against the posers calling themselves, "Rock". Much Love. Keep on true Rockin'!

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3 May, 2020
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