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You Lie
You Lie

You Lie

3 Reviews

You Said I was priority

You said I was your number one

You said nothing would ever change..

Man did we have a good run?

You quickly changed your personality..

the one you hide deep inside.

Did I ever mean anything to you?

Was I just a wisp?

Did I just fill that giant hole in that dark crisp heart?

You made me this way, don’t you forget..

The way you treated me, I will never let.

You left for a while, don’t know why

You didn’t even tell me, but i didn’t bother to cry

You did crazy things, I can’t even say..

You said you’d come back here,

Back here to stay

You said you’d change..

3 months later here we are..

You moved to that dark place, for a “fresh start”

Now I sitting here in sorrow

Not knowing what to expect for all the future tomorrows

I was here when no one else was!

Did that ever matter?

Did I ever even have your love?

Well.. It doesn’t even matter..

There’s a part of me that needs to be released

Won’t you let me go?

Let me go in peace..

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About The Author
About This Story
20 Mar, 2020
Read Time
<1 min
4.6666666666667 (3 reviews)

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