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You Never Know
You Never Know

You Never Know

bandgeek ShAwTy🖤

You are saying my life is easy compared to yours? How do you know? Have you walked in my shoes? Have you seen the things I am going through? Have you been bullied since 2nd grade? Have you attempted suicide 11 times? Has your best friend died in front of you? Do you have an infected ulcer in your intestine? Do you cut your wrists and thighs? Do you not see what I go through? You cant say my life is easy until you have lived my life. Dont be to quick to judge because you think my life is easy but you dont put up with those things. I wish you could live my life for 1 day. I can't say that your life is easier than mine because I dont know but I bet you our lives have been equally terrible. Stop comparing your life to mine and saying that my life is so perfect. You think I have a perfect life but my ulcer turned infected and now I am at a higher risk for cancer. Do you have to go to doctors appointments almost 4 times a week? Do you pass out all the time? Do you get a gazillion test run on you everytime you go to the doctor and you always cry because of the things they tell you? You haven't been in the hospital since you were a baby. I was I the hospital 18 times in 1 year.

Author Notes: Dont compare your life to someone else's until you walk a few miles in their shoes.

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18 Jun, 2021
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1 min
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