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You think your life is tough? PT. 1

You think your life is tough? PT. 1

By Poet

"Lidia Anniston Fingle. You did not just throw away your dinner," said Lidia's mom, Mrs. Fingle. "Yes, mother. Yes I did," Lidia replied. " Lidia. I don't want you speaking to your mother in that tone. We are all family and should act like it," Mr. Fingle said, sternly. "I don't give a flying chip chap if we are best friends! Nobody cares about me anyway!" Lidia said. "Hun. I care. both of us do. But, sometimes it is hard to see. We are just protecting you. You should eat your dinner. That's protecting from starvation!" Mrs. Fingle said. "Mom. When had it ever occurred to you that, maybe I have feelings. And maybe my feelings aren't identical to yours Not identical to Dad's. Not identical to Sadie. Of course not Sadie Buyous Fingle. She is prefect and her parents treat her like she is," Lidia said. "Not true, remember one time, when I hit you. Mom said, NO!" Sadie said, eating some beans. "Honey. That's harsh. We care. Nobody is prefect. We know you have feelings. You have dreams. We try to fill them everyday, all the time," Mr. Fingle said. "Explain School! Explain Sleep! Explain Dinner! You're yelling at me, like always. At dinner. I can't be treated like and eleven year old girl, dad. I have to be treated like, THIS! Whatever this is. And I don't want to. Yet, Mrs. Perfect must have a say in that," Lidia said, crying. Sadie grinned, "I say No Way, Jose!" Lidia cried even more. "Honey, stop crying. It's stupid. You're acting stupid!" Mrs. Fingle said. "Yes, calling me stupid makes me feel better. I'm sure you'd love to call me other things, mom. Go ahead. Go, Say it," Lidia said, frustrated and red with tears. "Lidia! Stop acting so childish!" Mrs. Fingle said. "Mother. When have you NEVER realized, I am a child! Childish is a behavior that I Take part in. As a child," Lidia said, wiping her eyes. "Lidia Fingle. I know we raised you better. I sure miss the old Lidia. Nice and mature. Sweet, funny, joyful. Never cried one tear out of the blue. Now, she is gone," Mr. Fingle said. "I wasn't talking to you. I'm going to my room!" Lidia said. "You know, you go. Don't come out that door. Just don't. You want to be called stupid? Cause your acting like it. Let's see who is stupid when you have a red face. Mkay? GO!" Mr. Fingle said. Lidia ran to her room. Slammed and locked the door and just fell onto the ground. Tears soaked the floor and her shirt.

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About This Story
27 Apr, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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