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You think your life is tough? PT. 2

You think your life is tough? PT. 2

By Poet

Lidia picked herself off the floor. She changed shirts into a new, dry one. She flopped onto her bed, and threw her phone. It flew out the window.
I don't care," she said.
Her mother called for her. "Lidia, get down here, NOW!" Her mother yelled. "Of course, it's mom. Yelling at me, again," Lidia mumbled. She walked downstairs and looked at her mother. Mr. Fingle looked at Lidia, very sternly. "What?" asked Lidia. "What was that? That shattered your window, and flew out of it. Was it your phone? If it was, your in meer trouble!" Mrs. Fingle said. "Mom, It was. But I am angry. Can't I let some anger out? And, you shouldn't get so mad, you were being hard on me. Nobody ever gives me a break. It's always this or that has to be done. So, what, mom? Huh, what? And what does meer even mean?" asked Lidia. "Nevermind that. Get you phone, and get the hammer," Mr. Fingle said. "No! You can't crush my phone," yelled Lidia. "You had no problem chunking it out the window, get it and the hammer. NOW!" Mrs. FIngle said. Lidia walked to get the hammer. She hit her mother's head andthen her fathers. Before she could get her sister, Sadie ran. Lidia ran out of the house and slept in the woods, where the coyotes came around. She found a solid, but large rock and laid on it. with the first howl, she climbed a tree, and felt safer. But then leaves rustled, twigs snapped. Something touched Lidia. Turning around, Lidia saw a sharp shiny object. And a black figure. She touched it, and it was human. She flung off the mask. Could it be?! It was Lean Shimper! Lean was a popular girl at school. "What are you doing?" Lidia asked. "Trying to scare you, duh. What are you doing in this tree?" she asked. "Nothing," Lidia. "It's dark. where is your house?" asked Lidia. "Like 4 miles away," Lidia said. Lean giggled, "Bye then" Lidia was alone again , in the dark, scary night.

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3 May, 2011
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