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You Traumatised Me
You Traumatised Me

You Traumatised Me

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Well it started at 4 I was 4 when he ruined my childhood

he would lead me to this little garden at the back of his house where all the plants were and all the pretty flowers, he tells me at the time it was a game and it would be fun to play it (4 years old to 5 )

6-10) he started beating me up and threaten me that if I told anyone he would hurt the people I care about so I stayed quiet I kept my mouth shut when all I wanted to do is scream in pain and agony, I would go to sleep thinking " maybe it's my fault ?" I was black and blue all the time no-one noticed, I did high jumping at the time so everyone thought it was that ...

11-12) this was the worst time at 11 he took my virginity against my will and thought it was funny, he would take knives and threaten me with it and make cuts on my body, and yet again he got away with it, I would cry every bloody night and think why me, why... me? I wouldn't wish it on anyone, he made me fall into a depression so bad that I didn't want to get up at all

yet now all I am left with is the memories, the trauma, and the PTSD and the night terrors... that you pressed into my mind at 4 years old

Author Notes: if anything is happening please talk

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16 Nov, 2020
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