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You Were a Game and I Wanted to Play
You Were a Game and I Wanted to Play

You Were a Game and I Wanted to Play

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From the first time I spotted you, I knew you were going to be a struggle

An intricate challenge I wanted to unwind

It was a game, always a game

Who would end it first?

And who would end up hurt?

You were the strong shoulder for everyone’s tears

The late night pick me up when life was too hard

The old truck when someone was moving

Or the mechanic when someone needed towing

Always there, always helping

But, who was there when you needed protecting?

Pain is what drew me into you

It’s what we both felt the most

But, together everything subsided

Especially, when our bodies collided

We were good together

Even if we continued to deny it

You had her and I had him

Us together would always come to an end

But, we melted into each other like it was supposed to be

Because I needed you and you needed me

Neither one of us had someone quite like each other

Someone who brought us peace

Someone who understood

You made me feel whole like no one else could

So, I took a leap of faith

Not knowing it was a mistake

I said those three little words that were burning inside me

And I wanted to finally show you what life would be like

With me by your side

Like life’s greatest joy ride

You blushed at my words, but I instantly regretted it

You were not over her and I was just fun

You only wanted one thing

For us to be a late night fling

You were so much more to me

But, you couldn’t see

Love is blind as they say

And I was naive to think you would be different

I wasn’t asking for your commitment

Maybe, I just wanted your acceptance

But, here we are again. You are with her and I am with him.

It’s a game, always a game.

Who will end it first?

Who will end up hurt?

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4 Mar, 2020
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1 min
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