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The Problem With Souls

The Problem With Souls

By JustNicoleValiukas - 1 Review

You can't drink human blood then complain about the taste.

You can't chew on broken mirrors and be surprised by the pain.

Vampires like you have no reflection, but seek to steal others.

I won't allow that. You have had a thousand years to lie to people,

so when my turn came to be deceived, you were rather convincing.

I thought that you were a part of me, but how wrong I was!

Being somebody's spirit is a taxing job; you're a tenant in their body,

until it expires at least. Then you have to search for another empty vessel.

I thought you were my soul, but now I see things as they truly are.

The grin in the mirror is a fraction slower than it should really be.

The words you have force-fed me for years are less than the truth.

Whatever I see, you reflect back to me, with all the truth of a black

and white film. Shadowy looks and secret streets are hidden within.

You won't admit defeat, so I will surrender just to end this madness.

You play this tricky game of life better than the professionals do.

But there are still so many things even you can't understand.

You can't betray your host and then wonder why they kicked you out, too.

You can't control their thoughts, then ask why they closed themselves to you.

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7 Jun, 2014
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