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young love

young love

By haylee111

5th grade thats when i saw him

the way he brouht life to people

i just new i need him

i told him how i felt in excange to no he felt the same we new we needed one another but they said we dont understand love. we knew we loved one onther but we could never be so we ent on a trip i was just 18 and him 19 we went to mexico it was so butiful . the last thing i rember was me and him rideing on a motercyle and he was going so fast i said slow down baybe and he said i will ,as long as u put on this helmet i did i said slow down he said if u say i love i did and then BOOM.
i wooke up in the hospitial i said were is he they said you were in a moter cycle crash his brakes did not work you crashed and u would be with him if you didnt have that helmet on . i then relised he he new he wouldnt make he had me say i love him one last time . its been 4 years science thn i still remember the first time i saw hin big brown eyes and i still rember the wat he lookes at me that nite on the bike i sometimes wish it was me but now i dont . i now hes up there watching me right now.

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5 Sep, 2010
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