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Young Tainted Minds

Young Tainted Minds

By Author21

Why is Daddy always yelling? He yells at mommy a lot. I dont like it when daddy yells at me.

"Get in here you peice of shit," he calls my sister.

"Yes sir?" Jacklyns voice shakes with fear.

"Get me a beer," Jacklyn walks over to the fridge limping but trying to hide it. She brings back the beer opened and sets it on the table infront of him.

"Anything more?" She asks timidly

"Yeah, leave." he growls at her.

She scurries away quicky and I follow her into our shared room. Jacklyn sits on her bed and begins to cry quietly. I want to ask her whats wrong but I know it's because of daddy. He always makes her cry.

When mom came home that night she started making dinner immidiately. I sat with her in the kitchen with my stomach growling. I tried to grab a noodle out of the pot but it hurt my fingers. My mother had yanked my hand away and pulled out a noodle with the wooden spoon. Then she blew on the noodle and fed it to me. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

My mothers so pretty. I had thought to myself. I wish I was pretty like mommy. But I knew I wouldn't be. Daddy told me I'm going to be ugly. And you never disagree with daddy. Mom told me that and said it was a secret. So I never said anything about it.

After dinner I couldn't find my sister so I went to bed. She came in again late at night with more of that purple on her face. One of her eyes didn't open. I pretended to be asleep because she doesnt like it when you ask her whats wrong.

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About This Story
25 Aug, 2017
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1 min
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