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Your Best Friend
Your Best Friend

Your Best Friend

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My best friend slammed the door in front of me. I don’t know what I did wrong, I just wanted to check up on them I-

Tears came to my eyes as I ran away from his house. Cracks in the sidewalk tried to trip me, and I let them. I arrived at my house to find that my knees, hands and elbows were scratched and bloody. But I didn’t care, I already hurt too much. I grabbed the first knife from the counter in the kitchen and ran up to my room. I threw myself onto my bed and pressed the knife to my throat. He was the last one. The last person I cared about. What would life be without him? I felt the blood dribble down the edge of the knife, just a little. I flung the knife away from me and it stuck to the wall. Tears streamed down my face as I collapsed into a ball on my bed.

I woke up for the next day at 9. I didn’t care about setting an alarm. School didn’t matter anymore. I didn’t want to go, he would be there, and he could still be mad at me. I should at least wait until lunch.

I was able to make it to school at 12:30, lunch was over and people were picking up for their next class. I saw him as I walked into school. He went out for lunch. He looked at me before turning away and taking another entrance to the school. Tears sprouted on my eyes but I wiped them away. He couldn’t be this mad for this long, right? I hurried to class.

The day was dark, school was boring, and whenever I passed him in the hallways he just ignored me. What did I do? What did I say?

Weeks passed by with this behavior continuing. He never talked to me, ever. The knife cut into my arms deeper every single night. I had no one. It was the only way for me to feel. Some called me a sadist, some a freak. I never cared, the days were a blur anyway. My grades dropped, my attention stuttered, and my thoughts only ever wandered to him. I couldn’t get him out, why would he just leave? Why would he hate me? What did I do?

The end of the year came by. Only a few weeks. My grades were worse than ever, and I would have to do this year again, if I lived through it. The dance was coming up. I didn’t want to go, I never did. It was always him. “Even if you don’t have someone it will still be fun! You will always have me!” Every year the same phrase, the same situation. The day came, and I could only hear those words in my head. I struggled to get my best suit on, and made my way to the school.

Everyone was there, except him. He must be alone, or scared, maybe I shoul-. No. He hates me, I just have to accept that. I found a seat alone on the wall. I spent around a half hour before getting up to leave. It wasn’t worth it. I had no hope, I might as well go home and end it. I was almost out the door when he bumped into me. I was about to rush away when I heard him mutter.

“Get out of my way.”

“WHY DO YOU HATE ME!?” Tears immediately came to my eyes as I turned and yell at him.

“BECAUSE YOU NEVER SAID YES!” He turned and yelled at me back.

“WHAT THE HELL WOULD I SAY YES TO?” I got a bit closer.


I stopped moving as more tears came to my eyes.

“You… you loved me?” I was in shock.

“I tried over and over to ask you out, to grow closer, but you just called me ‘your best friend’.” He started to cry too.

“I… I never knew. I’m sorry.” I started to walk away. I ruined his chance.

“Hey, wait up.” He jogged up to me.

“We still a couple hours of dance left, you wanna dance?” He extended his arm. I hooked mine with it.

“Sure. This year I don’t have to be alone.”

Author Notes: ooooooooo, Romance, oooooo. Tell me what you think! I don't write romance all that often, so I am not too confident i my abilities, but I came here for criticism, so hit me with it! (Even if its bad, I can withstand brutal response.

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22 Feb, 2019
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