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Your BRO, KEN.

Your BRO, KEN.

By gerknee

Let me suffer. That's the only way I'll learn my lesson. When you offer help all I hear is that you don't believe me. That must be my fault. If I succeeded in the things I try more often maybe you'd have more confidence in me. But all I do is let everyone down. Even when I speak. I see you cringe. Who ever would of thought that baring your heart to the person you love could make them fall out of love with you. I never cast any illusions on you so i guess it was just you that you got sick of me. But now i don't want to lose you. But I can't think of any reason why you'd want to stay. What little I give you will always be inadequate in comparison to what you deserve including myself. Where I'm at now is... Become better or die where nobody can see someone so pathetic.

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12 Feb, 2018
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