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Your Dark Coloured Slipovers of Wool
Your Dark Coloured Slipovers of Wool

Your Dark Coloured Slipovers of Wool


Know that you shine

from however far I find

You and that enigmatic look

Those bright colours sits so correctly with you

And your dark slipovers of wool

Make you look so adorable and cute

And drowns me in a thoughtless cube

Watching you in that colour white

Fills me up with more resolution

To reach for that bubble of my long lost dream

I think I wanna be just like you

Sitting comfortably on some days and running on others

I so wanna know - how you do it all

Marking your dripping regard for our Professors

Drops me in a shell of admiration for you

And swore! I’m not a stalker

But since this Saturday

Even your RTO code is inked on my brain

Although you are beginning to scare me a little

Yet I fail to take my eyes off You

With my hands clasped infront

I try to read You each time my eyes settles on You

I do wonder of all the people why You?

What holds you so apart

Then there I walk in and see you standing or engrossed in a talk or simply scrolling your screen

The air which surrounds You is my TRAP !

Author Notes: Infatuation. Infatuation. Infatuation. Pretty cool!
I don’t get tired by commenting on his shades of shirts 😀

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17 Dec, 2019
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1 min
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