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Your never alone

Your never alone

By Trace

For every waking moment in your life some one will always Hate you and weill never like you for ever. But at teh same time there is some one who will always stay by your side you'll know when you fell sad and theres taht small glimer of joy still burred by all your sadness thats them. You can be as and say your lonly all you what but YOU will Never be alone in life. its may seem lik it but is not true there is alway some one that will hael get you back on trace in teh right direction. whether it may me you nabore friends some dude on the streets its all teh same thay will help you if you need ot in a time of troubble and thays why you never give up. its never fun growing up feeling alone but as soon as you realise your not you like wil gwt better and you shall see your self blumein to who you what to be.and who knows you may help some on wtaht was like you before you beacme free from lonlyness and you can stop to help or even just say "hello" and you might just make there day. you just never know.

Author Notes: I have some exerance from this and i hope you can get the same out of it as i did. and a very spical thanks to amyisblue from navasora

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7 Jun, 2013
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