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You're Too Late
You're Too Late

You're Too Late


I stared him in the face. He was a pretty little thing. Brown almost golden eyes perfect and crooked smile one that anyone would love. “Why do you stay and harm me like this?” I ask. He says nothing but I see it in his face his eyes scream I love you and I’m sorry but his heart says do it again she’ll stay. And he does he listens to his heart and he hurts me over and over again. Until I almost scream. I punch the walls feeling the pain but I’ve got to ignore it. I punch again one day for my pain and one for him he didn’t know what he was doing.So I asked him a question one day “What would you do if I…. disapeared?” “I would never forgive you” he says softly his eyes brimming with tears his hands moving slowly to grab my waist. I pull away and stare at his feet. “Would you care?” I ask more softly that I can barely hear myself. His arms move up to touch the scar on my jaw. I did that to myself when he lied to me and said he didn’t care a knife that could cut like that was all I needed now. Here he is touching it and little does he know that he’s the cause of all this. “Of course I would” he whispers and I pull the knife from my pocket and gave him a watery smile and reach my free hand to touch his “no you wouldn’t” I whisper to him and I stab myself. I fell but through the haze of blood I could feel his fingers gripped tightly at my jaw and feel his lips run softly over mine and before I black out I hear him murmmer. “You never gave me a chance to prove it you utterly stupid and beatifully annoying girl look where you put yourself now”. “I still love you Hazel Cream always I still love- he stops lips touching mine again and I feel his hand slid away right as I take my last breath. If he did care it was too late now.

Author Notes: Nver be afraid to show someone you care don’t wait until it’s too late

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About This Story
26 May, 2020
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1 min
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