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You've Ruined Me

You've Ruined Me

By acosange

I'm stuck in this mental cage of hatred and sadness because of you.

Nothing is the same, but i know that what you did, it can't be undo.

The day you left was filled with chaos as the tears slid down my face,

And slowly but surely, everything started to go out of place.

My heart was aching with hurt as you were walking away,

The hot tears were like a waterfall falling down onto the floor.

There was a tightening grip on my throat, closing my airway.

My emotions were attacking me, causing a war.

You left so suddenly, leaving me in a total mess,

I didn't know who I was, or what I was going to do.

You were my everything, but to you I was nothing, I guess.

I wouldn't know if I could pull through.

While I'm breaking a losing my mind,

You're with another girl, having the best of times.

She's your everything now while I'm just something you left behind.

You left me in the dark and it would feel like a lifetime.

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About This Story
11 May, 2016
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<1 min
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