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Yummy PART 1

Yummy PART 1

By Bitter

Ashley walked into the cupcake shop with her mom. Her Mother owned this shop, and it was "Take you kid to work day", so Ashley chose to go with her.
Ashley didn't get to do everything though. Her Mother let her ice the cupcakes, and sometimes decorate them.
Everything was going smoothly so Ashley's Mother decided that she could trust Ashley with the shop for an hour while she went to lunch.
"I'll be back soon. If you run out of cupcakes, the recipe is above the stove." Her Mother said as she left.

Ashley got the hang of making cupcakes pretty easily.
As she was decorating a cupcake, Emily walked in. Ashley didn't like Emily, and Emily didn't like Ashley.
"Wow. What is this? Bring your Dork to work day?" Emily snickered.
Emily hopped over the counter.
"Look what I've got", Emily boasted as she grabbed a pair of handcuffs out of her bag. "Jealous?"
Emily's Father was a cop at the Head Department, and Emily always bragged about it. Ashley guessed that Emily stole the handcuffs while her Dad was 'resting his eyes'.
"You're not allowed back here, Emily." Ashley informed.
"Fine." Emily said as she hopped back over the counter.
"My Daddy's out to lunch right now and gave me $20 to get WHATEVER I wanted." Emily bragged.
"Are you sure he didn't give you $20 bucks to go away?" Ashley responded.
Emily glared.
"Just get me a cupcake, Loser." She ordered.
"I don't know if I should give you this cupcake. You're just gonna throw it back up anyway." Ashley responded.
Ashley smiled at herself for that one. Good one Ashley, she thought, Good one.
Emily jumped over the counter.
"Excuse me?" She practically screamed. "Do not mess with me, Dork"
"Oh No! 70 pounds of white-hot fury!" Ashley replied.
Damn, she was on a roll.
Emily pulled the pair of handcuffs out of her bag and yanked a handful of Ashley's hair.
She dragged her to the stove and handcuffed both her hands to the handle.
Emily grabbed a cupcake off the table and shoved it in Ashley's mouth.
"You have the right to remain silent!" Emily snickered as she stuffed as many cupcakes as she could into her bag.

Ashley received a text from her Mother 45 minute later.
"Grandma fell down the stairs. Going to hospital. Can you hold down the fort for the rest of the day???" It said.
Great, Ashley thought. Perfect time too.
Just then, Emily walked in the door with a group of friends. Emily turned the open sign to closed, and closed the blinds.
"We heard what you said about Emily, and it was, like, uncalled for." One of Emily's posse members said.
Ashley noticed in the group, a smaller, timid, gothic looking girl, who was clearly trying to stay out of people's way.
One by one, all of Emily's friends hopped over the counter and grabbed a cupcake.
"You need to be punished", she finished.
Ashley's mind raced. If they hurt her she can call the police right? But Emily's dad is on the force, so she'll know.
Emily walked up to Ashley, looked her straight in the eye and turned to the crowd.
"Ladies and Gentlemen!" She boomed. "I present to you, the main attraction!" Emily then proceeded to pull down Ashley's pants.
Emily's friends burst out laughing.
Ashley's leg kicked up and hit Emily square in the nose. The room went silent.
Emily turned to Ashley, nose dripping blood, and put her hand out to her friend. Her friend handed Emily a roll of duct tape.
Ashley swallowed. She then spit out the cupcake that Emily had used as a gag. It also hit Emily square in the nose. The crowd gasped.
Emily ripped a piece of duct tape, and covered Ashley's eyes.

Hours later, Ashley came to. Everything was dark, and she couldn't move.
Suddenly, it was all bright.
Someone had ripped the duct tape off her eyes.
Ashley looked around to see that all the cupcakes were gone, and she was duct taped from head to toe to the ceiling. She also saw the goth girl from before holding the strip of duct tape that held her eyes closed.
"Hhhhhmmmmppphhh", Ashley tried to speak through the tape.
The girl ripped the tape off her mouth.
"Who are you?" Ashley asked.
"Skylar", she answered.
"I saw you with Emily. Why are you helping me? Where did they go? Are they still in the shop?" Ashley babbled.
"Whoa there, slow down." Skylar said. "Yes they're gone. And I'm helping you because I hate Emily. I saw a big crowd and I knew it meant trouble, so I followed her in." She explained.
After Skylar helped Ashley down from the ceiling, she took her to the bathroom. Ashley looked in the mirror, and saw that she had a black eye, and Emily had drawn/written all over her face.
Ashley was outraged!
"Emily hit me! She hit me! I can call the police! That's AGAINST the law!" Ashley yelled.
"Calm down, Ashley. Just go home." Skylar tried.
"B-but my Mother will see this!" Ashley started to sob.
"Yeah, and you can get her in trouble. She can't get away with hitting you." Skylar explained.
"But you saw what Emily did after I said a few snide remarks!" Ashley blubbered. "Imagine what she'll do if I really get her in trouble!"
"Here." Skylar handed handed her a tube of concealer. "Use this."

Ashley returned home and listened to a phone message her Mother left.
"Hi Ashley! I have to stay with Grandma for a couple nights until she gets better! You can run the shop for the weekend right? Bye, Love you!"
The message ended.

Ashley opened up shop the next day and started making vanilla cupcakes. The first person to walk in the door was Emily.
"Thanks for not tattling on me. I guess you ARE afraid of me, Dork." She said.
Emily looked Ashley up and down.
"How did your mom not see that?" Emily pointed to Ashley's eye.
"Makeup", Ashley responded.
"Oh good, but just to make sure you don't tell on me", Emily jumped the counter and grabbed Ashley in a hold.
Ashley screamed.
"Get off of me!" She bellowed as she pushed Emily off of her.
Emily stumbled backwards and hit her head of the counter. Ashley ran up and checked her pulse. Nothing.
A wicked feeling crossed over Ashley and she picked up Emily, and placed her body in the giant mixing bowl.

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About This Story
11 Aug, 2011
Read Time
5 mins
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