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Yummy PART 2

Yummy PART 2

By Bitter

Skylar logged onto her Facebook that Tuesday night. It had been three days since she met Ashley, a girl who's Mother ran a cupcake shop, and who was tormented by another girl, Emily.
What baffled Skylar was the level of bullying Emily put Ashley through.
That same three days ago, Emily had been mad at Ashley for saying a few mean comments to her, so she handcuffed Ashley to the stove. If that wasn't outrageous enough, Emily had come back later with a group of her friends (and Skylar, whom tagged along to see what happened ) and duct taped Ashley to the ceiling and stole the money from the register and stole the remaining cupcakes.
And that's why Skylar was on Facebook; to check out the history between Ashley and Emily.
The first post Skylar came across from Emily was short and simple:
"went 2 Ash's cup cake shop. lame."
Skylar looked back at way older posts and one caught her eye:
"OMG ashley was kissing devon at cate's party. she's done enuff to me. she will payyyyy."
Skylar looked at her friends list and saw the name "Devon". She clicked on it.
Devon was clearly Emily's boyfriend, and from what Skylar uncovered, Ashley kissed him and Emily is obviously territorial.
Another post:
"ASS-ley hooked up w/ devon. i neeeeed revenge >:("
But Devon is with Emily, Skylar thought. Cheating jerk.
Just then, a new update appeared from one of Emily's friends.
"OMG Em is missing. <3 come baaaack we miss u!!!!!"
Missing? Skylar thought.
Skylar looked through a few more posts to see who would want her gone.
After about an hour, all Skylar learned was that Emily was the leader of a gang-ish thing. It was all girls and they pulled mean pranks on people they didn't like.
Skylar found photos of a girl she knew - Barbara Mells; a semi popular girl who liked Skylar - tied to a tree, gagged, in her underwear, and covered in what looked like green jello. Emily and 4 of her friends were posing in front of Barbara.
Another photo showed another, whom Skylar couldn't identify because her face was covered.
She was on her stomach with her hands and feet tied together behind her back. She had tape on her eyes and mouth and one of Emily's friends was posing as if she was riding the girl like a horse.
The third picture was Ashley duct taped to the ceiling in the cupcake shop.
Skylar was in the background looking up at Ashley as Emil's group pointed up with "O" faces.
Skylar had seen enough. There were several other photos of Emily tormenting other girls, so the suspects were endless.
But Skylar also thought, maybe Emily ran away.
It was getting late so Skylar decided to go to bed and ask Ashley about it in the morning.

Ashley served the last cupcake of the day and closed up shop.
She went to the back room where she kept the "special" cupcakes. Ashley called them, "Blood Cupcakes", or "Bitch Cupcakes".
She'd closed up late the night she dumped Emily's body in the mixer and turned her into a batch of cupcakes. They smelled really bad, so Ashley topped them with fruity icing to cover the stink.
Ashley tried one of the cupcakes, and it was the foulest thing she had ever tasted. Perfect.

The next day, one of Emily's friends walked in the shop and handed Ashley a flyer with Emily's face. The flyer said "MISSING: IF SEEN REPORT TO THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY!"
The girl looked Ashley up and down.
"I doubt you or 'Vampira' have seen Em. But if you decide to crawl out of your pathetic little hut and happen to see her, call the police. 'Kay?" She spat.
"Okay." Ashley responded sweetly. She glanced over at the back room; the room that held the "Other" cupcakes.
She walked over and grabbed a Blood cupcake, and sauntered over to the girl.
"Cupcake?" Ashley smiled sickly.
The girl took the cupcake from Ashley, saw that there was a jelly bean on top, and flicked it at Ashley's face. Ashley still smiled.
The girl took a bite and screamed in disgust. She threw it at Ashley, who didn't even bother to duck out of the way.
"Eew! What did you put in this? Battery Acid and Hand Sanitizer?" The girl screamed. She ran out of the cupcake shop.
Just then, a pair of familiar black pigtails ducked out of the way of the running girl and headed into the cupcake shop.
"Hey. How's business going?" Skylar asked.
"Good", Ashley answered without looking up.
"How many cupcakes have you sold-" Skylar was cut off.
"Just stop asking questions! Leave me alone, OKAY? Don't you have blood to suck?" Ashley snapped.
Skylar, taken aback, stormed out of the shop, slamming the door.
Ashley didn't need her. Let her leave.
Ashley scraped the icing off the "Blood Cupcakes" and started mixing the new icing, dropping a few teaspoons of drain cleaner in the bowl.
Skylar, forgetting her cell phone in the cupcake shop from the other day, ran back in, just in time to see Ashley putting the drain cleaner cap back on.
Skylar was speechless.
"W-w-what are y-you doing?" She stuttered.
Ashley turned and glowered at Skylar, but Skylar was already gone.

Another one of Emily's friends came in the cupcake shop the next day.
Ashley brought her a "Bloody", she now called them. Secretly of course.
After dumping the girl's poisoned corpse in the mixer, and started to bake.

The next morning, before going to work, Ashley took a bath. While waiting for the bath tub to fill up, she looked in the mirror. Her hair was completely ruined and crusted in blood, and her body had bruises from putting the bodies in the mixer. Ashley picked up her hair brush and tried to straighten out her hair. She tried tugging but, her hair would never budge.
Ashley put a hand to her face and tilted her head. As soon as her fingers made contact with her face, her fingers fell off and a hole slowly formed in her cheek, splashing blood all over the room. Ashley shrieked in terror and whipped her hairbrush at the mirror, shattering the glass. A piece flew up and cut her arm and it started bleeding. Ashley looked around the room and at her hand. Her fingers were in tact and the only blood was coming from her arm.
Stunned, she quickly got in the tub. She closed her eyes and submerged under the water.
She returned up for air. Ashley took a deep breath and screamed. She was drenched in and sitting in a tub full of murky looking blood. Ashley screamed so hard she swore she even tasted blood. Her Father ran into the bathroom and shook Ashley. Still yelling, she opened her eyes and saw...nothing.
There was no blood. She was in the bathtub and her Father was sitting beside her, trying to reassure her.
"What the hell happened?"

Skylar woke up on Wednesday, and went to the police station. She was re-applying her black lipstick when the police man walked in the room.
Skylar said everything she knew.

Ashley sat on the ground of the cupcake shop, sobbing. She picked herself up, and finished making the newest batch of bloody icing. She chuckled to herself manically as she wrote the newest flavour on the menu board.
'Father Flavour', she finished.
She dropped to the ground and dragged herself to the back room. Where she picked up a knife and brought it down on her cut from the previous night, breaking it open and leaking blood on the floor.
Ashley picked up a cupcake, and twirled it around in her hands.
As the police rushed into the shop, Ashley laughed, but it came out as a scream. The police readied their guns as Ashley stumbled towards them, awkwardly clutching the knife. She lashed out and whipped the knife at a police man, lodging itself in his arm.
The police loaded his gun and Ashley took a bite out of the cupcake.
She immediately dropped to the ground dead.

Barbara Mells came across an article a few months later about a girl name Ashley Wittow. She thought about it, and realized she knew her from school.
The next day, Emily's friends walked up and tripped Barbara. She landed on her face. One of the girls put her boot on Barbara's back, standing like a warrior.
"Take my picture! Take my picture!" She called.
Just as the other girl was about to take the photo, she called out "Wait!" and ran over to the Barbara who was sprawled on the ground trying to get up. The girl grabbed hold of the back of her skirt and lifted it. The other girl held it high, and put on a face as if this was a "Scandalis!"
The other girl took the photo.
"Hahaha, Luzzer!" The girl chanted. 'Luzzer' was their new form of 'Loser'.
Barbara got up, dusted herself off, got something out of her bag and said,


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