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Zadie Ann White
Zadie Ann White

Zadie Ann White

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Zadie Anns fingers gripped tightly to the old, withered, and rusted screwdriver. pushing tightly against the faded bolt she managed to rotate the deformed piece of metal back into its proper position. Zadie was a small-statured girl with frizzy, long, red curly hair. Dirt smudges were smeared across her face while dark mauve-colored circles formed under eyes showing her countless hours of work and lack of sleep. Her fingers were blistered and bruised while a slight tear trickled down her face as she thought about the days she spent with extended family last summer. As Zadie continued to repair her project she wiped beads of sweat from her face while her skin boiled in the hot summer sun.

Last summer, her aunt Lilly, and her uncle sam came to visit her mother. It was the first time they came to see their youngest sister in years. Zadie was not fond of her Aunt and uncle, and she was absolutely repulsed by her cousins. Her cousins were mean, blood-sucking creatures who did everything they could to make Zadie miserable. Their last visit was different though her cousins were actually nice to her and just when she began to forgive and trust them, they stabbed her in the back. Her cousins did something she could never forgive them for. When her mother found out what they had done she banned her siblings and their kids from coming near them ever again.

Zadie's aunt and uncle were always jealous of her mother when growing up. Her mother was the top of her class in all her subjects and was good at almost everything she tried. Her siblings were always jealous of her and when her mom made a breakthrough towards discovering time travel her siblings were furious. Her mother quickly became the talk of the news and soon she was on board and is now working with many other valued scientists. She even has a science academy in her honor.

Zadie's hands relaxed as she dropped the wrench to the ground, she was finally done. Like a fast-flowing river joy spread throughout her entire body and brought a smile to her face. It had been a long time since she smiled, and she missed the way it made her feel all giddy inside.

Grinning she stepped back and took a long look at her freshly finished project. A silver ring just substantial enough for her to crawl through stood before her. Below the rings lying in the charcoal brown dirt where three large flames. While the ring heated up Zadie reached into her pocket and pulled out a small pouch filled with rich blue sparkly powder. She had no idea what it was, all she knew was the components within held the secret to time travel. Squinting her eyes she reached her hand into the bag and applied the dust to each of the flames. To her amazement, she watched as the smoke changed from a pale grey to rich dark blue. The smoke swirled around the ring and slowly engulfed the whole ring in a cloud of thick smog. Zadie's heart pounded with excitement. She was so excited she could hardly wait to show her mom, but as she turned her feet to move they stayed stuck to the ground.

Mortified she watched as the colorful smoke wound around her ankles like a snake anxious for its next meal. Then within a matter of seconds, she was forced to meet the face of the ground and was pulled through the scorching hot smoke-filled ring.

Author Notes: Please feel free to share what you thought of this story. I really enjoyed writing this story on time travel and being able to give its discovery my own little twist.

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23 Aug, 2019
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2 mins
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