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By KeithLankford

The nights were long and cold
But the vodka went down easily
Warning both body and soul
Bidding my comrades farewell
I headed out into the brisk Russian winter
Making my way back to my empty home
The night was quiet except for the wind wrestling its way through the thick pines
Then as I passed the hut we had built for Zana
I heard the cries in the night
In my somewhat drunken state I turned to investigate
Yes Zana had been somewhat of a outcast since she was taken by our village
Yet she was Zana
Always somewhat intrigued by a larger woman
I had thought of romanticizing her before
But rumors spread quickly in a village such as this
When I entered the hut there she was
Lying gently in her bed of hay
Approaching her with caution we gazed somewhat deeply into each other’s eyes
I came to sit with her, as my hand touched hers I found her accepting of my advances
Closing my eyes I leaned over to kiss her
Soon stroking her strong thighs I felt time itself slipping away

Awakening I slowly turned, bits and pieces of the night before racing through my aching head
And there she was


I quickly slipped from beneath her weighty arm gathering my clothing, somewhat chilled missing the heat of her body
Leaving the hut I was relieved to find the early morning quiet with no villager yet stirring
I made my way home thinking no one would be the wiser
This brief affair led me to sink myself into the bottle
Night after night, avoiding Zana’s hut on my nightly trips home from the bar
Then unexpectedly I was sobered quite quickly when I heard the news of a newborn baby in our town

It couldn’t possibly be I thought to myself
It couldn’t possibly be

I soon gathered the courage, with a little help from from the vodka which warmed me for the trip

I returned to Zana’s hut

She was taken to see me again this night
Somewhat angered I prepared myself for the worse
And then I heard the cries of the baby lying in the bed of hay where she sat

And then I saw the eyes, staring into my own
My eyes staring back at me

I ran screaming into the cold night
Reaching my home with little memory of the trip
It is here I remained
It is here I tell my tale
It is here we part

In the mid-eighteenth century, hunters in the Ochamchir region of Georgia (a Province of Russia on the edge of the Black sea) captured a ‘wild woman’ who had ape-like features, a massive bosom, thick arms, legs, and fingers, and was covered with hair.

This ‘wild woman’, named Zana by her captors, was so violent at first that she had to spend many years in a cage with food being tossed to her. Eventually, she was domesticated and would perform simple tasks, like grinding corn. She had an incredible endurance against cold, and couldn’t stand to be in a heated room.

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About This Story
19 Nov, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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