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Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

EhMentally Mina #2

“Leon, what’d you need?” I ask my friend over the phone. I’m currently trying to work but he had the need to call me. I need to work to get money. Doesn’t he understand that?

“Well, I kinda got stranded at Winco. Do you happen to be available to pick me up?”

I sigh. “No, Leon, I do not happen to be available, because I’m kinda busy with something called work!” I say, annoyed. “Call Conan or Tamsin. Look, I got to get back to work. Minimum wage isn’t going to work itself, right?”

“Yeah. True. I’ll call those two and try to convince them to give me a ride to Walmart. Bye, Venus!” I hang up before he gets another word out.

Leon is one of my best friends. He’s been my friend since 7th grade, and we were joined at the hip. Despite him being in the Sagittarius Clan. He has black-rimmed teal eyes, brown-black hair, and a lean body.

Conan is my oldest best friend. He’s from the Aquariusin Clan. His eyes are blue-faded green, light brown hair, and a slight-strong build. He doesn’t have the ‘I’m Hulk’ build, just someone that does sports and works out a lot out of the week.

Tamsin is pretty much a brother to me. We’ve known each other since we were able to walk and talk. He’s from the Gemini Clan. He has dark brown eyes with a few red flecks and cat-like pupils, gray hair (not like he’s old, just he dyed it with permanent dye), and he hides his body shape under baggy clothes and sweatpants most of the time.

Of course, there’s me. Venus. Known myself since I was born. I’m from the Taurusin Clan and I have green eyes rimmed with purple, black-fade red waist length hair, and a strong build from so many days of training with my older brother.

Connelly. He’s my older brother by five years. Looks exactly like me, just a teeny bit more muscle.

“V! Order for table 6!” Markus says from the other side of the window, where you can hear sizzling of burgers being flipped upside down.

“Got it!” I yell back and grab a platter and put three plates on it. I walk to the table and see Orlando and his two friends. They used to bully me, and I used to crush on Orlando in grade school. “Here you go.” I set the plates down and ask them if they want a refill.

“Sure, Darlin’.” Aasim says, and I grab his coffee pot.

“No thanks,” William mutters.

Orlando stays silent, then a loud booming voice erupts at the entrance of the small diner. “I'M HERE TO SEE A VENUS!! ANYONE KNOW A VENUS THAT WORKS HERE!?” My brother yells and my eyes widen.

“One second,” I tell the group and go over to him. “Shut the hell up, Conelly!” I growl.

“No thanks,” he smirks.

“You are such an Aries. AND YOU'RE A TAURUS!” I shout the last part.

“I know. Thank you, by the way.” He sits down at a booth and I mutter profanity under my breath while I go back to where Orlando and his group were.

“Sorry about Col. He’s decided to become an Aries.” I say kindly and grab Aasim and William’s cups, then go back and refill them. Being careful I walk over there. Not before someone trips me, and I fall down, coffee spilled all over my chest. “Shit!” I exclaim, and hear shuffling, then Conelly comes up with a wad of napkins. “Thank you, Con, but that’s not going to help my burning skin.” I stand up and go to the back to change shirts. I pull my shirt off, and the skin on my upper chest is all red and welts are showing up. I grab the cold water bottle thats in my little cubby, and press it to my chest. I know, gross, right? It’s the closest to ice I have, and I’m not going to the freezer, which is by the chef’s place. I pull out my phone and call Tamsin.

“What’s up, V?”

“Well some Leo Clan Member decided to be a jerk and trip me. Spilled coffee all over my chest and it’s gonna leave a small scar if I don’t get to the hospital soon. Can you pick me up?”

“I already agreed to pick Leon up. I’ll call him and tell him I can’t. On my way.”

“Okay, bye!” I hang up and grab my low-cut tank top and put it on.

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Mentally Mina #2
About This Story
8 Jun, 2021
Read Time
3 mins
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