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Afterword is from US United States • 69 y/o • Male

Reviews Given

Séance Macabre by JPYoung

"It was the zero hour when the blind hunted came unaware to their hunter's blind." One of my favorite sentences in this magnificently told story. I believe I'll opt out of meeting Husband Number One....!

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The Kiss by SP Singh

Great revenge tale with a twist ending.

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The Man With a Broken Nose by IanG

As you gave me a lovely review, Ian, I can certainly return the favor. This is a very moving story. Eugenics is a horrible part of our history. As for the "disability" of deafness, I would hate to think of a world without Beethoven. Bravo, sir!

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The Old Woman at the Cottage by melissahassan

A delightful classic ghost story. More, please!

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Open Your Eyes by welshdreamer42

Whoa...I so did not see that coming. More, please!

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The Haunted Hearse by Andy (Formerly Apemann)

Totally delightful! I'm certain the afterlife (lives?) must be exactly like this. Thanks much for sharing your vision.

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The Mystery by Hobo

All I can say is "wow". Reminds me of early work by Richard Matheson. Keep at it!

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Death's Library by Charlemagne

A truly lovely mood piece. More, please.

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