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Andy (Formerly Apemann)

apemann is from GB United Kingdom • 63 y/o • Male

Writer, story-teller, reader, dog-lover and humourist!

Reviews Given

Black Chronicles Character Interview by Sherzahd

This story is, of course, utterly brilliant! It is, though, a big ask - at over 11000 words - to sit and read in one go. It is worth it, though! :-) Fabulous work xx

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Random Poem 4: One Day by 🌸Fate

Beautiful and elegant - just like the author of this lovely poem. Fabulous, hon! xx

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To Mother by Allanah

Beautiful, simple and heartfelt. Your mother is lucky to have such a loving daughter :-)

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The Silent Song by Allanah

Another fabulous and moving poem from you. I am delighted to recommend this to everyone who visits the site. Wonderful!

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Just Go by Kat

THIS is my kind of writing!

I love the way you get straight into the heart of the story, your characters coming to life through their words and actions. It's not over-embellished or described or padded-out with superfluous prose.

In my opinion, your story ends just where it needs to end: without a resolution or any answers. You leave those questions for your reader to figure out. THAT is good story-telling.

Without doubt, your best piece so far. Congratulations.

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Open Your Eyes by welshdreamer42

Wonderfully evocative! I love the way you build up the tension and feeling of paranoia in your principal character. This is terrific writing.

My only slight 'criticism' is to question whether your story is suitable for readers as young as twelve? Other than that, superb!

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Green Bin One by Nathan M Green


At last, a contribution that actually ticks all the boxes it promises to. Thank you!

I enjoyed your slightly warped and tongue-in-cheek humour in the story and the contemporary references (which our overseas cousins may not connect with...) Above all, though, you made me SMILE, and that doesn't happen very often with most of what I read here...

I'm very much looking forward to many more of your stories. Can I nominate myself as your No. 1 fan already??? :-)

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Wikipedia Article by TheForgotten

This is actually rather intriguing. I hope it is the beginning of a series of pieces or the start of a longer story... The reason I say that is that you have successfully negotiated the trickiest of hurdles when writing a story: grabbing the readers' attention and HOLDING IT. Well done!

I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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