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Ariel Marin

arielM is from GB United Kingdom • 22 y/o • Female

If you can feel the words and visualize your story, you are doing it right.

A girl who loves to read.Benedict Cumberbatch and Ian Somerhalder are the best.
∆Not a people's person.
•Prefer reading books and watching my favourite shows instead of socializing.☝✊
∆Enjoy reading mystery\thriller and horror stories the most.
•Coffee keeps me going.☕☕☕
∆Loves, The big bang theory, Sherlock, The originals, Friends, The middle, Mulaney, The vampire diaries,

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24 May, 2016
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Latest Stories by Ariel Marin

A guy named Tom Hilson is suffering from psychological disorder after his wife died in an accident.
2 mins
Words: 401
Read Time: 2 mins