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ceheiss is from CL Chile • 31 y/o • Male

My stories are about ideas, paradoxes, and sentiments. My characters are not always human, but their troubles are.


Writing is for me a means to explore how I feel about subjects that spark interest in me. I don't write long, nor do I focus too much on dramatic structure. I try to paint an idea, with the hopes that it resounds in you.

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27 Dec, 2019
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Latest Stories by ceheiss

Homo Alieni Lupus
The speech before humans enter combat against an alien civilisation. A exploration on our own nature.
2 mins
Words: 460
Read Time: 2 mins
A poem of existential boredom.
<1 min
Words: 139
Read Time: <1 min
When Death Ceases to Exist
Death has always claimed the life of all creatures, but is just at the very end of times, when only one being walks the universe, that Death realises the bitterness of its own mortality.
2 mins
Words: 517
Read Time: 2 mins