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Homo Alieni Lupus
Homo Alieni Lupus

Homo Alieni Lupus


Listen to me brothers, our foes… they were born like that, there was no evolution in their part of the cosmos. They came to existence as they are, powerful. They didn’t have to bang their heads to understand the underlying rules that make up our universe, they were born with it, fed by chance with a silver spoon, they are gods. But we brothers, we are something better, we weren’t born like angels but we made ourselves that way, we evolved, we changed, our bodies evolved, our minds grew.

We abandoned the trees to learn how to build cities, we were thrown into existence blind and we carved our way out of the cave with nothing but our nails. We learned to understand reality, to shape it. Along the way we came to terms with our mortality but found permanence in the endeavor of mankind as a whole, we die, but our work remains. Each generation has laid its own bricks to build the tower from where we are standing on, is that very tower my brothers that they want to see crumble.

We learned to handle embers, to transform sounds into symbols so we could bypass our own life span and preserve knowledge, the words of our forefathers. We subdued lightening into obedience, we unveiled the genetic code that shapes our own existence and learned to mutate it. The nature of consciousness remains a mystery, but that didn’t stop us from replicating it artificially. If that isn’t stealing the secret fire from the gods, I don’t know what is. For them, knowledge comes as instinct, as pure as a bee constructs hexagonal shapes. We had to pay the price every step of the way.

I know what you are thinking, our story is stained with our own blood, we are mighty, but we are also the wolf of our own species. We are savages. They already know that we are technologically advanced, the fact alone that we have met at this far end of the galaxy, light years away from our native lands, is reason enough to understand it.

But our flaw my brothers is our advantage, our greatest asset. They think of us as equals, but we are not... they fail to acknowledge the beast that lies within us, they can’t comprehend this, because they have never been one, they have never been in the mud.

Let this be the time that we stop preying on ourselves. Their history is stable, eternal, just like they are. We are not, we can never define ourselves because we are always becoming, we are fire. Let us show them our worst side so we can continue to expand the best one, let them know the beast so we can become gods.

Author Notes: Not quite a story, but how else could I call it?

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27 Dec, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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