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cody_dalton is from US United States • 26 y/o

Roswell Relived
A short story play on the Roswell event, join John Curtis and the secret heiress to the throne of America in this wild ride in time and space.
58 mins
Words: 11788
Read Time: 58 mins
A Thing Imagined
Ever had a dream that seemed so real and every time you have it, you think you've had it before but aren't sure? Ever wonder whether that is reality and your 'life' is a dream? Ever think they are bot
4 mins
Words: 866
Read Time: 4 mins
Eyetooth Terror
The darkness, the unknown, these are things we're all frightened of but maybe sometimes our fear should lay in the clear and visable, the things we "know" the most.
5 mins
Words: 1132
Read Time: 5 mins