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Davylight is from GB United Kingdom • 75 y/o

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10 Jul, 2011
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Latest Stories by Davylight

The Boy Who Failed to Do Nothing!
Three young friends - their developing friendship, adventures and an annoying unreliability of one friend. Their plan to show him his failing.
8 mins
Words: 1638
Read Time: 8 mins
A Journey to the future
The day started as any other working day. Leaving home, catching the bus, .... then it went out of control! What was happening? .... was it real? ... I didn't know! A breakdown? and finally hope and l
4 mins
Words: 875
Read Time: 4 mins
Lonely, Not I
A boy with 2 friends, untill ... something happened, he met someone else! (Suitable for teenagers)
5 mins
Words: 1069
Read Time: 5 mins