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HazbinAllover is from US United States • 17 y/o • Female

Hate life but Love to live


I like everything and i am Shipper for all things.

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21 Nov, 2019
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20 days ago
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My fav show: Hazbin Hotel, South park, gravity falls, SVTFOE and Helluva boss

My fav food: Choco, cookies, sweets, and mexican food.

My fav sudject in school: Math and writing.

My hobbies: Reading, Writing, drawing, singing

My Fav book: I don't have one because they are allso goood

My fav colors: White, Black, Blue, Red, Purple, and Grey

My Sexuality: Asexual

My Sanity: I don't have a flipin idea

My Fav Games: Undertale, Bendy and the ink machine, Deltarune, and yandere simulator.

My Fav Artists: Hey Violet, Melanie Martinez, Au/Ra, Halsey, NF, Panic ! At the Dico, Green Day, Anna Blue, etc.

My Fav Band: Set it off they are the fuck best

My favroite qoute is in The Blood of Olypums when Nico says to Precy "You're cute but You're not my type" I laughed so hard that I cried lol

I am hoping to make friend here and be the better writer I can be.

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