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My Poems
My Poems

My Poems

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Starry Sky

Look up look up

At the starry sky

At the beautiful night

While you lay there

Sing a song don’t be shy

The stars will shine the light

So look up look up

At the starry sky



Be the star

Be who you are

Be what you want

Be the light in the night

And don’t forget to be yourself.



When you see darkness

I see light

When you see numbness

I see hidden emotions

When you see heartless people

I see someone who is sad

I will always see the light

Before the darkness



What is your thing

I can sing

What things do you like

I like to hike

What's something important

I think its my family and friends.

Do these things matter

Yes yes they do

These things matter

To me and to you

Man in the Moon

I know you

You know me

You’re the man in the moon

At least that is what I see

But at noon

You go away so soon

Here let me sing to you

“ Dear man in the moon,

Can you come out

Can shout my name

So I know that it's you

So I know that it was true

Sing a song for the night

And hug me tight

For that the dreams you hold

Do not vanish before you go

Carrying the wishes

That children make

So soon you leave

And without saying goodbye

You sleep”

You know me

As a girl who can see

That the man in the moon

Is always there for you

And you come to hug me so tight

And sing to me to light up my night

Author Notes: I hope you enjoy.

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4 Mar, 2020
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