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Lussac is from FR France • 58 y/o

A Letter to all abusive DADS
Poem by Lawrencia (22)
To all Dads and Dads to be please take good care of your families you are the rock to your families their happiness depends on you guys
3 mins
Words: 794
Read Time: 3 mins
The Sunbed and a Margareta
Story by Ricks (69)
The office manager has trouble with her boss and a new computer system that leaves them vulnerable to theft.
3 mins
Words: 707
Read Time: 3 mins
Story by Adalyne5 (22)
A boy is an outsider trying to find out how to get out of his situation. He is stuck between one world and another with only himself to fall upon.
4 mins
Words: 919
Read Time: 4 mins