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Lonely girl😭

Mdfessler is from US United States • 20 y/o

Let Me Go
Poem by TheForgotten (17)
A short poem...
<1 min
Words: 34
Read Time: <1 min
Reflections - Portrait of a Serial Killer (Part Four) 18+
The story concludes...
9 mins
Words: 1886
Read Time: 9 mins
Story by PoojaShah (33)
Sarah is dead. It's been 10 days since Sarah died. I still can't believe she's gone....
2 mins
Words: 474
Read Time: 2 mins
Your Fault
Story by NobodyImportant (18)
The lines between happiness and absolute hate for one's self and the world are cloudiest when there is no support, only blame and accusations from the ones we love and worship.
4 mins
Words: 932
Read Time: 4 mins