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MeckenzieV is from US United States • 19 y/o

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Two by Thomas Ray

I’m so glad to find someone who also loves Sleeping At Last’s Enneagram album. When I first listened to Six and Three, I actually cried. The songs are absolutely beautiful and mean a lot to me.

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Galaxies by lkieser

Wow. I got shivers when I read this. Besides the excellent description and word play, I was able to relate to the theme. Although this is a serious poem, I’m glad you have a way to express yourself through your work.

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Always Striving for Better by NobodyImportant

Wow, I got shivers when I started reading this. Excellent work! I loved your description and rhyme scheme. I also enjoyed seeing the person change throughout the poem.

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The Junk keeps piling up by Billy Foster

As I started reading your story, I become super engrossed into Gillian’s life. I felt really sorry for her, so when you showed the readers the alternative path, I was glad to see her get control over her life. Thank you for sharing your work!

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