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PaulFa is from US United States • 64 y/o

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Seeking a soulmate by Lev821

Good story. Great dialogue, and the climax of the story is a surprise to the reader. Good job

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Lex Talionis – The Butcher of Proxima Prime by robertmoons

A well written, entertaining story, easy to read. I didn't quite understand the ending regarding 1945. Some obscure meaning I didn't understand, but not a story killer. Good job.

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The Devil in Disguise by Gracey1

Sorry, but this is not a short story. This is more like what you would expect someone to stand up and recite at a twelve-step program meeting.

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Reflections - Portrait of a Serial Killer (Part Four) by Andy (Formerly Apemann)

I don't know what your trying to accomplish with this piece of writing, but it's definitely not a structured shorty story. This reads like a confession for sure, but not a shorty story. There is no specific incident, rising action, or climax. This is like a crime report that is written well, but that's about it.

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The twisted fate of Camille Poulin by Wolfeskinner

Wonderful story, and the dialogue, including the accents was great. Good description. Excellent structure. There were some grammatical errors that editing would fix, but excellent writing in my opinion.

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Hunters by AWC71

Good story. Had a great twist in it that catches the reader by surprise. Good structure. Whether by intent or not, I was left wondering if Lucy had come into the city for random entertainment, or if she had the same intent as Max. I certainly detected a bit of irony in the story, also. Good job.

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Does Saying Goodbye Have to Mean Forgetting? by Kimberly Owen

You are a very good writer. The structure of this story is great as have been the other two stories of yours I have read. the first half of the story leads the reader into a completely different assumption of what to expect from what actually gets revealed. It captures your interest with intrigue , and then descends into melancholy romance which ends just right without becoming stilted. Great writing.

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Under the Street Light by Kimberly Owen

Great structure, plot development, and imaging. Good character descriptions. Wonderful, gritty story. I like the reality. Great punctuation, and dialogue. I also liked the positive ending that leaves the reader with the assumption the main character had been set free, as in released from a prison, and would be starting a new life . Given a second chance. Great writing in my opinion.

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