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Penny4Thought is from Ch Switzerland • 21 y/o

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American Exceptionalism by

Have you perhaps considered that in your hateful attack on those you call "bible-thumping, liberal-hating monsters" you in a sense show yourself to be equally distasteful, like the flip-side of a coin you represent the perfect opposite. You seem like the kind of person who would argue for tolerance and respect for all mankind, (I apologize if I am wrong) If you do support these causes, I urge you to consider that tolerance means that whether you agree, disagree, love, or hate someone, you seek to show them respect. You may be right about some of those people, but bashing them for their illiteracy won't help them. Please I urge you to remember that these are still people. If you don't agree with the Conservative Right, with the Christian, with any of them that is fine, but the last thing this world needs is more hateful rhetoric to fill an already hateful world. I am not trying to stifle your free speech, I am merely asking that perhaps in your usage of free speech you remember my points.

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