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Quoth_The_Raven is from GB United Kingdom • 17 y/o

I'm in their secondhand smoke, still just drinking canned coke


I've learned that sometimes, society needs someone to tell it to fuck off

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1 Nov, 2019
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AbOuT mE

Favourite Songs: All The Good Girls Go To Hell - Billie Eillish, What's Up Danger - Blackway & Black Caviar, Everybody Gets High - MISSIO, Game of Survival - Ruelle, Everybody Want's to Rule the World - Lorde, Live Like Legends - Ruelle, Wish You Were Gay - Billie Eillish, Twisted - MISSIO, ilomilo - Billie Eillish, My Strange Addiction - Billie Eillish

Favourite Foods: Spagetti, Pizza, and Sweet & Sour Chicken

Favourite TV Shows: Lucifer, Merlin, Doctor Who, Shadow Hunters, Sherlock, and Good Omens

Favourite Movie: Love, Simon, Malefecent, ect.

Favourite Word: Oxymoronic

Favourite Books: You cannot comprehend my love of books, they are like my children and I cannot chose one over the other.

Favourite Animal: Wolf

Relationship Status: Single pringle and I am not ready to mingle

Extra: I love anime and sleeping, I like to prentend that I am philosphical, buut I am not.

|| Quotes |

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results."

"The darkest place i've ever seen was inside me, and it scared me."

"If your good at something, never do it for free."

"Hell hath no fury like a devil scorned."

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