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Immortal of Avalon (Part 1)

Immortal of Avalon (Part 1)

By Azrael's Disciple

Settle down my dear, and I shall tell you the story of the immortal that lingers within the walls of Avalon’s grand castle. Every four years, we leave a sacrifice to him, so that he may leave us unharmed. He only accepts the very finest of offerings. No of course not! Nobody knows why he does this, but we can be certain that he is very dangerous.

There is only one safe path to the castle, to go any other way is too dangerous. Well of course people have tried to explore the forest, and it only led to their demise, my child. They say that there are vents that spew poisonous purple smoke, mountains that erupt with molten rock, ground that sinks underneath a person's weight, and that deep in the heart of the forest, the most terrible of monsters lurk.

What kinds of terrible monsters? Well there are the Deceitful Sirens who lure men to their death with just their voices, the Abominable Yetis who frighten their victims to the point where their heart stops. There is also the Chaotic Basilisks who’s stare can turn you to stone.

But, perhaps the most dangerous of them all, my child, is the Dragon. Yes, it sounds like the most amazing of creatures, my dear, but be warned. The Dragon makes its home in the yew tree in the very heart of the forest, and is very territorial. It is immune to Siren song, unable to feel the terror the Yetis radiate, and in a staring contest with a Basilisk, the Basilisk loses.

The Dragon is another reason why we do not anger the Immortal. Why? I have told you this story before, were you not paying attention? Bah! Well, the Dragon only listens to the Immortal. No, the Immortal is not the Dragon’s master, only a fool would think they could master the Dragon, but the Immortal is the Dragon’s friend.

No, I don’t know how they became friends, you foolish child, no one does. Now, I think that’s enough story time, you need to get to bed. Sleep tight, and don’t let the Dragon’s haunt your dreams.

Author Notes: This is the prologue of the book I am currently writing. I will be posting chapters up for review.

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Azrael's Disciple
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8 Nov, 2019
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1 min
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