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RebelSoul is from US United States • 24 y/o • Female

Just a Rebel, honestly what did you expect.

Who Are You
Poem by 🌸Fate (23)
Please tell me....Who are you?
<1 min
Words: 142
Read Time: <1 min
Butterfly Girl
Poem by Hobo (43)
I met a girl Who is a butterfly With a dance for a walk And a laugh for a why
<1 min
Words: 105
Read Time: <1 min
Ms. Barbie Doll
Story by 🌸Fate (23)
A woman in a bar takes things to far....
4 mins
Words: 965
Read Time: 4 mins
Don't Call Me Sweetheart 18+
WARNING: Contains VERY explicit language.
1 min
Words: 324
Read Time: 1 min
I Was Your Art
Story by 🌸Fate (23)
Art is beauty....
4 mins
Words: 867
Read Time: 4 mins