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Jane Bean

runnerbean13 is from GB United Kingdom • 76 y/o • Female

Author of Books 1 & 2 of The Main Man Trilogy - contemporary/realistic novels laced with suspense & black humour. Book 3 in progress.

Reviews Given

Never Again by SamZ

What a powerful idea! My only criticism is that I think it would have worked better as a longer piece. Show actual examples of his bullying at the beginning, instead of telling us. Show how his classmates react to him. Be more gradual with him starting to bully his sister online. I'm afraid I guessed the outcome as soon as she was introduced.

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Hangman's Rock by IanG

I enjoyed this story. The apt references to the lockdown were apt - Kirsty's job as a carer and the health risks that brought, and the future viability of her husband's business in limbo. But this was essentially a ghost story, and the build-up to her seeing the apparition was done skilfully. And I liked the fact that you left what she had seen open to interpretation. For me, what joined her in the car, near to where the accident occurred, was the young man who had died.

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This is very clever and is complete as it is. I enjoyed the twists and turns laid to throw the reader off course.

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Beautifully done. I found this part very moving: 'Ronnie’s learned to walk. She’s up to all sorts of mischief now.' You manage to evoke sympathy for not only your main character but also for the father of such young children. And for the mother who is never going to see her children growing up.

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The Man With a Broken Nose by IanG

This story starts well, drawing the reader into the action. And there is also an excellent sense of place - although I did feel that some of the later descriptions were arbitrary and didn't add to the story. However, not only did I enjoy it, I learnt something. I had no idea that deafness was ever considered an unacceptable disability in the UK, which is quite horrifying.

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The Photograph, Lemon and a Piece of Cake by Ricks

I enjoyed this, particularly the touch of humour at the end.

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